Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is almost a simplified version of a dental veneer or crown. For cosmetic or structural damage that is not too advanced, bonding is a fast and effective solution. Dental bonding is a process that involves placing a tooth-colored resin material over chips and cracks in the teeth.

Dental bonding can:

  • Fill in a broken or chipped tooth
  • Close small gaps between the teeth
  • Repair a decayed tooth
  • Restore badly damaged teeth
  • Change the shape of a tooth

Bonding is a great way to change the appearance and function of your tooth. Dr. Erickson will use a cosmetic resin that is matched closely to the color of your natural teeth.

The bonding procedure only requires 30–60 minutes per tooth. It includes:

  1. Roughening the surface of the tooth and applying a conditioning liquid.
  2. Placing the putty-like resin directly on the tooth.
  3. Molding and polishing the resin until reaching the desired result.

What Is Biomimetic Dentistry?

Biomimetic dentistry treats weak or damaged teeth to keep them safe from bacterial infection. Biomimetic dentistry “mimics nature” and takes advantage of advanced ceramics and adhesives. The materials and technologies we use are more like your own natural teeth than bulky dental work.

Old bonding techniques could lead to cracking and leaking, but biomimetic dentistry results in more durable dental work. Instead of filling cavities as though they are potholes, Dr. Erickson looks at your long-term dental health. He will make sure that your dental work is meant to last, and if it does fail, it is easily repairable.

Biomimetic dentists don’t quickly fix the problem and move on. They use bonding to establish a long-term solution instead of a temporary one. The biomimetic approach is also more conservative and will protect you from future root canals or crowns.

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