Orthodontic treatment involves moving the teeth into more functional and aesthetic positions. If you could benefit from a better bite and a more beautiful smile, Dr. Erickson may suggest orthodontic therapy.

It’s never too late to achieve a perfect smile with braces. We serve children, teenagers, and adults with braces that fit in with their unique lifestyles.

Steel Braces

When you think of traditional braces, you may instantly think of a “mouth full of metal.” However, traditional metal braces have progressed immensely since the early days of orthodontics. They are now lighter in weight and smaller in structure than ever before!

We design our metal braces with a high-grade stainless steel. The brackets are attached to each tooth using a bonding cement and are linked together with a thin archwire. The archwire puts pressure on the teeth, causing them to slowly move to their correct positions.

Advantages of steel braces include:

  • Great value
  • High success even for complicated cases.
  • Customizable colored bands
  • Durability

Steel braces are also easy to let work—there’s no need to remember to remove and replace your braces because they’re always straightening your smile!

Porcelain Braces

Many patients prefer to straighten their teeth with orthodontics that are more subtle than steel brackets. ClearCorrect or Invisalign aligners may be right for some patients, but they’re not for everyone. Porcelain braces are a great option for individuals who want the benefits of traditional braces without the major change in their appearance that comes with steel braces.

Porcelain brackets are a natural-looking and less obvious form of braces. You will be able to maintain your everyday look while achieving your best smile.

Orthodontics will give you a better aesthetic, but they will also protect you from oral health problems. For example, crooked or spaced teeth provide hiding places for bacteria, leading to decay and disease. With straight teeth, you’ll have a cleaner and healthier smile for life.

Straighten Your Teeth With Help From Dr. Erickson

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