Emergency Dentistry

When you need urgent dental care, you can rely on our experienced team! Dr. Erickson can often see patients the same day they pick up the phone for emergency care.

Put all that stress and worry aside and give us a call at Jordan Landing Dental. Allow our skilled team to help you during this difficult time. For any dental emergency or concern, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

Emergency Dental Situations

You may be wondering what situations qualify for emergency dentistry. If you have a question about any given dental problem, feel free to call our office right away. Our friendly staff would be happy to help you find a solution, whether it’s an at-home treatment or a same-day or next-day appointment.

Toothache | A toothache may be a warning sign of an infected or injured tooth. You might need a dental filling, root canal, or tooth extraction immediately. With our experience and advanced diagnostic tools, we can help pinpoint the problem and get you the treatment you need to regain your comfort and health.

Cracked Tooth | It is important to get a cracked tooth treated quickly because that crack is an entryway for harmful bacteria. If bacteria reaches the soft tissues of the tooth, you run the risk of a serious infection.

Broken Tooth | Broken teeth are both uncomfortable and dangerous. A jagged edge could injure the soft inside of your mouth and leave your tooth pulp susceptible to more damage. We can repair and protect your teeth right away with fillings, crowns, or bonding.

Knocked-Out Tooth | When you knock out a permanent tooth, don’t panic. Call our office so that we can see you ASAP! Save the broken tooth in the socket, your cheek, or in a bag of milk or salt water until you get to our office. Our helpful team will guide you until your smile is back on track.

Other dental emergencies may include broken restorations, broken orthodontics, or objects stuck between the teeth. We are happy to help our patients through any of these issues!

Don’t Hesitate to Contact Us for Professional Emergency Dental Care!

Call our team at Jordan Landing Dental Care to receive the compassionate emergency dental care you need.